Tuesday, November 13, 2012

13 days of gratitude.

Many of my Facebook friends are making daily gratitude posts. I haven't followed suit this time around, but I love the idea. It's been life-affirming to see so many counting their blessings online.

While most of my friends' posts are serious, listing real blessings like the special people in their lives, I can't help but think of the more trivial niceties that make everyday life so peachy. As Robert Earl says, "It's the little things!"

So here on this 13th day of November, 13 of those little things that make me happy:

  1. sweatshirts 
  2. Dixon Ticonderoga pencils
  3. Maxwell, the Geico pig 
  4. pumpkin spice K-cups
  5. Longhorn Network on U-verse
  6. videos of runway models falling down (evil, I know) 
  7. pajama bottoms
  8. that drumroll at the beginning of "The Eyes of Texas"
  9. my heated throw that makes chilly evenings like this one so cozy
  10. the new Pentatonix Christmas EP
  11. green apple candy corn
  12. photos of cats wearing clothes (especially UT hoodies)

(Wait for it...)

Not my ChaCha, but man,
if I don't love that face!
(From the Co-op's
Facebook page)

And last but not least...

    13. photos of any animal in a costume

The little pink leggings? The sleepy Elmo 
that looks like it's eating the puppy?
I can't take it!  HAHAHAHAHA!
(Help me.)

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