Monday, November 19, 2012

Thank goodness for the girls.

Where would I be without female companionship?

Every day my lunch buddies lift my spirits as we gather strength to teach our afternoon classes. We laugh and gripe and celebrate and cry together. At Mom's funeral I called them my "lunch table therapy group," and they are just that: great therapy! I'm so thankful for these amazing women.

If my schedule allows it, I get to play bunco with a crazy group of women once a month. It's funny how these bunco nights tend to occur just when I need them the most. I had a mini breakdown this afternoon, but a night of great food and fellowship did me a world of good. What a blessing these girls are!

In the fall I get to hang out with my fave football buddy. She and I laugh and chat and gab all the way to Austin and back. We don't manage to get together that often in the off-season, but I wouldn't trade our football trips for anything. And of course, she's there anytime I need her. When Daddy died back in 1993, she drove to Tyler to take care of me as I tried to take care of my mom. When Mom died, she met us at the funeral home to help us make all those decisions and was by my side through it all. She's priceless, that one.

Because of my football fanaticism and my a/v duties, I'm blessed with some great guy friends, too. But there's no substitute for some old-fashioned "girl time" to keep me afloat.

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