Friday, September 22, 2006

Top ten reasons to drive all the way to Houston to watch a blowout.

10. The lopsided win helps to alleviate the bitter taste left by the previous week's loss. (OK, it doesn't help that much, but it helps a little.)

9. The 287 bypass is pretty sweet. No more railroad crossings in Midlothian!

8. Because the game's never close, you can enjoy your Nachos Grande without risk of an upset stomach.

7. Reliant Stadium is a lovely place to spend a Saturday evening this time of year.

6. Just being in Reliant reminds you of last year's Big 12 championship game there, and you can still picture Mack and Vince and all those roses down on the field. Ah, the anticipation of the Rose Bowl!

5. Your seats in the corner of the endzone give you a great view of touchdown after touchdown (like this one from Jamaal Charles).
4. These seats also let you see the team and Mack Brown up-close-and-personal as they enter and leave the field.
3. And you get to see Colt McCoy (#12).
2. Because you're smart enough to attend with two college football uber-fans, you get to hear the play-by-play of OU's loss to Oregon (without the pesky reality of the horrible officiating that cost the Sooners the game).

1. You get to spend time with the sweetest and happiest kids in all of Houston. The H family's three children are so precious! One hug and you know it was worth the trip.

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tamandscott said...

OOOOh, I'm so jealous. We were living near Houston when it was being built, and I always wanted to go to a game there. How fun!