Sunday, October 08, 2006

Angels among us.

Who knew women's retreats could be so dangerous?

My mom tripped on her way to lunch during a church retreat yesterday, and when she tried to break her fall, she broke her shoulder instead. The retreat was almost over, so she tried to wait until the end to get help. Her "angels," the three women from her small group who had all carpooled to the retreat center, insisted that she head to the ER right away. Knowing her interest in the football game, they teased her that she was going to great lengths to get to a TV! (She was pleased to find a big one in the ER!)

So several hours later, the diagnosis was in: shoulder fracture. S, the driver, took the other women home before accompanying my mom to her apartment. I was still in Dallas for the game, and I didn't get word about the accident until 9:30 that night. When I got the call, I was on the way to retrieve my car from a friend's house in Mansfield. As soon as we made it to Mansfield, I hopped in the van to head home, where I quickly packed a bag so I could get to Memaw's. I didn't get there until around 11 p.m., but bless her heart, S was still there, making sure Mama was OK.

Because it was my mom's right shoulder and she's right-handed, ordinary tasks will take extraordinary strength or dexterity (or both!). Please pray that she'll recover quickly and that her pain will be minimal. She desperately wants to be able to take care of herself, so these next few weeks will be challenging.

And pray that God especially blesses the angels who took such good care of her!

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Jenna said...

I will be praying for your mom! That has to be miserable. Happy Birthday Katie!

Glad Texas won. My friend's husband is a big OU fan (BIG, BIG OU FAN) but I bet that he did not get to watch much of that game because his quads were being born. Sorry for him that his quads were born on the day that OU lost.