Monday, October 09, 2006

A promise kept.

On the last day of my fall break, I took the kids to Six Flags. I had promised this trip during the summer when we'd realized my break and the kids' would coincide. What I couldn't have known was that my mom would fracture her shoulder that weekend! In spite of those circumstances and a touch of exhaustion, my mom, Brett and I did not want to break that promise to the kids. So there we were!

We met a few characters...

and felt like we'd seen Pepe somewhere before:

We rode our favorite roller coasters, the Giant and the Titan, and then we cruised to the top of the Oil Derrick to see their amazing structures:

And from that vantage point we could see the Batman ride (in yellow--way back there behind the tall Superman and blue Mr. Freeze). The kids were tall enough to ride it--finally!

We worked up a sweat, so Splashwater Falls really cooled us off. Of course, Katie and Ryan just HAD to stand on the bridge after the ride, and THIS was the result:

The park was open from 10-6, so at 5:55 we ate our Pink Things and headed for the car. What a day!

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