Sunday, October 29, 2006

Plans A, B and C.

Plan A:
Katie goes to birthday/slumber party Friday night. I will pick her up Saturday morning on the way to Grapevine to drop off Ryan at another party. Katie and I will shop while Ryan parties. Brett will do some "guy stuff" with his buddies while we're away. After the party, we'll head to Memaw's to take care of a few errands for her. Later, Brett will take the kids to Trunk of Treats, the Halloween carnival at our church, while I watch Texas wallop Tech.

Plan B:
Ryan wakes up sick at 3 a.m. We decide he'll have to miss the Grapevine birthday party. Brett picks up Katie and brings her on home. Because I still have errands at Memaw's, Brett cancels his plans so he can stay home with Ryan, who's still a little puny. I run errands, and we make Ryan take it easy, just hoping he'll feel up to Trunk of Treats. At 6 p.m., Brett wakes him from a nap, but he doesn't feel perky enough to go. I stay home with Ryan while Brett takes Katie and a neighbor friend to the church building for the big event. In about an hour, though, Ryan starts to really wake up and REALLY wants to go to Trunks of Treats. I grab my little radio (the Horns are losing to Tech 21-0 at this point), Ryan brushes his teeth and hair, and we're out the door. Once we get there, we surprise Brett when we show up and have a happy little reunion.

Plan C:
We manage to hit a couple of trunks/games when--SURPRISE!!!--Katie starts feeling puny. Her throat and head hurt. Once again, our plans change. We cut our evening short to get both kids home. (And I get to see the Horns win another close one.)

Anyway, here are a few pix of the big event. We had a HUGE turnout, and even though our family was not running on all cylinders, we're all glad we could be there for at least a little while.

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Anonymous said...

It was so crowded! The kids had fun. I am sorry that you had puny kids. Hope they are all the way better.