Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Big One.

ChaCha and KitKat are now 1 year old!

To celebrate our original chitties' birthday, Ryan made special plates of cat food and I baked a cake. After singing happy birthday and helping the cats blow out their candles, we cut the cake and let the birthday girls and the three littlest kittens enjoy a taste of cake. Watching all five cats in the kitchen at the same time, we came to the realization that we are officially crazy cat people.

Later, Mama KitKat fed her sleepy babies, proving that a mommy's work is never done, even on her birthday. Then C.J., Tiger and Casper found the coziest napping spot in the room: my purse!


Jenna said...

I love that picture slide show or whatever you call it! That is so neat. Kittens are so cute. I don't think you are a crazy cat person - yet!

Angi said...

oh goodie! I wanted to show David the kittens!

happy birthday, dear kitties!