Saturday, April 07, 2007


This weekend was the big Leadership Training for Christ convention. Katie participated in art, Bible reading and chorus. Finally, after weeks of preparation, LTC had arrived!

Katie and some fellow Bible readers before the competition.
Katie in her room ready to go.

Katie and some more fellow readers after the competition. (Notice the relieved smiles!)

The Heritage chorus with Tami and Tammie, our two leaders.

Of course, they sang beautifully! (And Jamba recorded it on his camera!)

Afterwards, we stopped by the Texas shop at the hotel. Katie bought a jawlipop, a massive jawbreaker and lollipop. (This was taken before the blue took over her face!)

Everybody worked so hard. The kids put in lots of hours, but their adult leaders did SO MUCH to help our kids learn and enjoy the whole LTC experience. So a big THANK YOU goes to Laura, Camille, Jason, Mark and Kristi, Tami and Tammie, Sharon and Clark, and of course, Matt and Karen, for their dedication to our kids!

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