Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A chilly Easter Sunday.

Our busy Sunday started with Easter baskets at the breakfast table:

Then it was off to church for two wonderful services:

After worship, I tortured my family by making them pose for pictures:

When we got home, it was time for the kitties to say CHEESE:

Then we headed to Nana and Papa's for a delicious Easter dinner:

FINALLY, it was time for the big egg hunt:
The kids found tons of eggs, but after a long search, the legendary prize egg was still out there...somewhere. Nana gave a few hints, and then Ryan found it, amid much celebration. Here's his recreation of how he happened to discover Nana's tricky hiding spot:

Everyone was so excited for Ryan, especially Katie, who found the egg and won the $5 last year. It was so cool to see her spontaneously hug her brother!

Even on this chilly Easter Sunday, we had plenty of reasons for our hearts to be warm.

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Jenna said...

How fun!! I love the picture of Katie hugging her brother. Your kids are so sweet.