Friday, April 20, 2007

Prayers for Brenda.

Please pray for Brenda to recover fully and quickly, and for her family to find comfort and peace in the meantime.

Has this been a brutal week or what? Each time we hear more bad news, I feel like God is tapping me on the shoulder: "Hey, you! Remember ME?" It had been a while since I'd prayed a desperate "Help me!!!" prayer--you know, the kind that is filled with more tears and begging than words. But this week has been full of these petitions, these responses to shocking news. Virginia Tech. The Midtown friend who died way too soon. The Austin friend who buried her stepfather Wednesday. Mary and Paul's mom's stroke and surgery.

How sad is it that it takes a crisis for me to reconnect with God and rev up my prayer life? How wonderful is it that my failings don't keep God from hearing my desperate prayers?

"O, Lord, you have been good! You have been faithful; you have been good."


Tami said...

It has been a rough week for so many. I feel the same way. It takes a crisis for me to get back going strong in my prayer life as well. Thomas and I are trying to teach Callie to pray and I have discovered how weak my prayer life is. Thanks for your post!

tamandscott said...

Just today:

Megann got news from the doctor.

Our friend, Brad, had knee surgery to remove the cancer in his knee.

I found out that Bryce's teacher's husband collapsed and died on Friday. They have three kids.

Is Satan attacking, or what?