Tuesday, April 10, 2007

T-shirt Tuesday.

T-shirt Tribute #4

In 16 years of teaching, I've amassed quite a collection of L.D. Bell T-shirts. Some I can't part with for sentimental reasons; others I still wear on pep rally days. But shirts like this one get a fond "sayonara" and off they go.

Camp Bell was a summer honors camp for seventh and eighth graders in Bell's feeder schools. We did a variety of enrichment activities with the kids, all intended to foster their interest in academics. When our grant money ran out, the camp was over. In its place the district now sponsors a district-wide summer scholars academy for junior high students. In fact, this summer I'll be a part of that academy. In addition to teaching an SAT prep course for high school students, I'll also be teaching a four-hour SAT prep overview for the younger kids. It'll be my first time teaching test prep with junior high kids since those Camp Bell days seven years ago!

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