Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Choir Festival.

Katie and her choir buddies performed for the school district's choir festival. They sang "Together (Wherever We Go)"—you know, the song Carol and Marcia sing for the Westdale Family Frolics!
Choirs from all of the district's elementary schools performed, so there was a big crowd!

I ended up moving to a different seat in the coliseum about halfway through the program. Two talkative moms didn't quite understand that we were there to hear the kids sing and not to listen to their conversation!

Afterwards, Katie and I honored a long-standing (well, two years in a row, at least!) tradition of stopping at Baskin-Robbins on the way home.

Katie opted for the pink bubblegum ice cream...

...which means she had a wad of gum to chew on the way home!

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