Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Polar bears.

It's a record! April 8 is the earliest we've ever used our pool, which indicates that (a) we have a couple of real polar bears among us, and (b) these may be our last few months in this house so we want to get as much pool time in as we can.

Ryan and Katie were eager to take advantage of the warm temps, so Brett spent the last few weeks getting the pool ready for swimmers. The kids were kind enough to wait for me to get home from work, but once I did, it was time to dive in.

Well, Katie dove in, at least. Ryan took a little longer to take the plunge.

Katie jumped and jumped and jumped...

...while Ryan weighed his options.
Should he go in one step at a time? Should he just jump?

Katie offered to just push him in!

He opted to jump off the last step.


We adults and the kitties enjoyed the nice sunshine
but stayed far away from the chilly water!

Let the record show that Ryan and Katie swam outside on April 8, 2008, when the water temperature was a ridiculous 70 degrees!

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