Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday night lights.

Katie and I drove up the road a little ways to watch Bell play football Friday night. It was a great atmosphere!

As always, it was fun to see our students playing football, playing in the band, cheering on the sidelines, cheering in the stands.

And the game? Awesome! We were trailing at the half but came back on fire in the third quarter. The defense was extra tough, allowing our offense to run all over the Chargers and take the lead.

This was also our first time to see our band's new show. They're the BOA Grand Nationals champions, and they blow me away with their musicality and precision.

At a few points during the game, Katie was definitely ready to go. But we had to stay through halftime, and then the team was making its big comeback right after that. Then when I offered to take her home towards the end of the game, she didn't want to leave! (Maybe the Ring Pops from the concession stand had something to do with that?)

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