Monday, September 15, 2008

A perfect day for a parade.

Last year's homecoming parade was rained out, and Ike threatened to mess with this year's edition. Imagine our delight when Monday's weather was perfect for a walk down the street!

We had about 10 students representing our newspaper and yearbook staffs, and our pickup was one of about 70 entries in our school's homecoming parade.

As always, the turn-out was phenomenal. There were people EVERYWHERE! Kids go crazy collecting all the candy that's thrown from each club's truck or trailer, and every year I'm surprised to see how many line the street.

The only thing that wasn't perfect about this parade was the fact that Ryan and Katie weren't there! They were at Richland's homecoming parade since Katie was participating in that one. I missed seeing them, and they missed all the candy they usually score at my school's parade!

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