Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not just another tailgate.

About once a season, I'm able to take Ryan and Katie to a game (thanks to Dede's willingness to share her ticket!). This weekend was that special occasion. After arriving in Austin and picking up a replacement canopy and the requisite bags of ice, we headed to Lot 80.

Katie was quick to return to tailgate golf.

And Ryan wasn't shy about partaking
in the many snacks at the tailgate.

Katie and I tossed the football around,

and we got ready for the game!
(Photo by Katie)

With plenty of time before kickoff, the kids and I took a walk to Longhorns Ltd. in the stadium.

Along the way, we picked up a copy of The Daily Texan. One of my former students had a byline on page 1!

Reflective surface = obligatory self-portrait

Kid has camera = obligatory self-portrait

It was a struggle for them to sit so closely, but R & K managed to tolerate this proximity long enough for a quick pic.

Back at the tailgate, Anne came by to say hi. Katie and Ryan roped her into a golf tournament!

Our Grill Men of Genius worked up a sweat while cooking the burgers. In spite of cooler temps earlier in the week, Saturday got into the upper 80s.

One added bonus just in time for Ryan and Katie's tailgating experience: the video game truck!

Sponsored by Dell, this truck was just steps away from our spot. Ryan and Katie headed over there several times during the day to play some Guitar Hero.

We had a good crowd this week! We're anticipating even more next Saturday before the Arkansas game.

It was so good to see Dana and Kelley in town for this game! They were our most amazing hosts when we visited LA in 2006 (and when I made the trip out there for the '06 Rose Bowl).

Since the kids make it to just one tailgate per year, I'm so glad they could attend this one! Getting to see Dana and Kelley AND having video games to play right down the street made this gathering extra fun!

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