Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy birthday, Kelly!

We celebrated Aunt Kelly's birthday a day early with a walk around the Mommy park and some Sheridan's custard.

Before we left our house, the kids made some birthday cards for her.

Ryan made one of his trademark "Jaws" cards. (This one was "Auntie Jaws.")

Katie made one of her specialty lettering cards. (She loves creating her own "fonts"!)

At the park Frisco and Coal had a blast taking us for a walk! They ran, they walked, they sniffed, they sniffed some more.

But then they stopped dead in their tracks. What could hold their attention?


Lots and lots of ducks!

Once we completed our lap around the lake, we ducked out of there and walked back to Kelly's house. There we visited with Uncle Mike and savored every spoonful of our custard. It was great to get the chance to celebrate with Kelly on her birthday eve!

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