Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another day, another milestone.

Just one day after Ryan got a cell phone and Katie got contacts, Katie graduated from fifth grade! Now, she still had two more half-days of school to attend, but Wednesday was her school's ceremony.

Here's Katie's teacher, Mrs. C. Katie was SO lucky to have Mrs. C for a teacher for third AND fifth grades!

Brett, Nana and Papa were able to attend the program. I'm so glad they could since I couldn't get away from school! They were there to see Katie honored for:
  • winning the school spelling bee
  • being on the A honor roll (one of only three fifth graders!)
  • having perfect attendance
  • being a leadership kid
  • being a character kid
  • having an E in conduct
We're so proud of our graduate! (And I'm so proud of Brett for taking pictures for me!) Now it's off to middle school for Katie!

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Uncle Mike said...

Yeah, Katie! You rock.