Monday, May 25, 2009

Good timing.

In about a week, I'll get to enjoy the best part about being a teacher/mom, but for most of the school year, my work schedule keeps me from attending virtually every daytime activity the kids participate in. Sure, I've been able to stay home with Ryan and Katie when they've been sick from time to time, but with precious few exceptions (like Katie's spelling bee), I generally have to miss the character kid assemblies, the fifth grade graduations and the end-of-year parties.

So imagine my delight when Katie's school scheduled its field day for Memorial Day! Like most, my school district had the day off, but Ryan and Katie's had a makeup day because of the ice last January. I was quick to volunteer. This year I could help. This year I could volunteer for Katie's last elementary field day.

My assignment: the scooter relays.

When I found out that a kid lost a tooth doing this race last year, I questioned just how fun this job would be, but it turned out to be great fun.

Look, Mom! All teeth!

Of course, it's always fun to get to see my kids at school, but because this was Katie's last week of fifth grade, field day was extra special. I loved it when kids and teachers alike would see my nametag and ask, "Are you Katie's mom?" I found out all kinds of wonderful things about my daughter (and Ryan, too).

I've missed countless daytime school activities, but I'm so thankful for the January ice that gave me this field day!

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