Sunday, May 17, 2009

Take us out to the Ballpark.

Free tickets? Why, yes, we'll take 'em! It took a lot of hustling to escape the church sound booth, change clothes and get on our way, but we managed to make it to the Ballpark just in the nick of time.

Turns out that the Rangers are quite the hot ticket these days with their winning ways. We nearly panicked when we saw the mobs of people outside and the mile-long lines at the ticket booths. Fortunately, Brett was able to find our ticket source, and we were on our way to our seats.

It was a gorgeous day for baseball, that's for sure! After Saturday's gloom, we were loving the sunshine. (We were loving our sunscreen, too.) We were hot, though. It was hard to believe it was only 72 degrees. Granted, the game started at 1 p.m., but still. If we were that warm and it was only 72, we couldn't imagine how miserable it'll be in July.

Yes, the "check it, chicken look" plays ball, too!

During one of my cool-off breaks, I spotted this little vista. (As a matter of fact, I do have an unhealthy obsession with the Titan. Why do you ask?)

After six and a half scoreless innings, the Rangers finally got a run! WOO-HOO!

Katie and Ryan were just about to go cool off but stuck around just long enough to see the RBI. (Too bad she was gone when Josh Hamilton made this amazing play, though!)

Rangers sweep the Angels! We loved it when the grounds crew brought out the brooms! It was a great game and a big win for the home team.

Bonus feature: The final out. "Sweep! Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!"

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