Saturday, September 05, 2009

Game 1: Texas 59, Louisiana Monroe 20.

Remember back in April when I was so stressed over the tree that was smack-dab in the middle of our tailgating spot?

Guess I stressed needlessly. Where did it go? When we arrived Saturday morning, it was nowhere to be found, and from the looks of things, it had been gone for a while. Sure was convenient for our purposes!

Tree or no tree, it was good to get back to our old stomping grounds.

This was the easiest menu yet: sub sandwiches. The home opener is always hot, hot, hot, so the sandwiches meant we could bypass the grill.

Painkillers are always a hit on a late summer afternoon.

In honor of our opponents, the Warhawks, we feasted on fowl.

We enjoyed some pleasant breezes while watching an afternoon full of football.

It was great to see all our old friends at the tailgate, but it was especially nice to see newlyweds and new Austinites Cara and Jeff!

After months of waiting, it was finally time to make our way to Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial.
It always feels like a homecoming when we take our places in Section 1.

Kickoff! The 2009 season is underway.

That's a whole lot of people. Maybe that's why not one of us with an iPhone had a signal during the game in spite of AT&T's sponsorship.

So how 'bout that game! Bradford got hurt, and then they missed a field goal in the closing minutes. OH! You mean OUR game!

It'd be way more fun to talk about ou-BYU because the Horns looked awfully sloppy*. Colt even threw an INT. (Gasp!) Missed tackles, the same ol' third-down "pass for 5 when you need 7" play-calling, that one 75-yard touchdown our D gave up, fumbles, the pitiful drive to end the first half... just plain UGLY. I'd hate to see what would happen if we were playing, oh, just about anyone else and played so poorly!

Still, we had our moments: the kickoff return for a TD, Colt and Ship playing like Colt and Ship, and Garrett Gilbert playing like the superstar we can't wait to see him become. We didn't cover the spread, but since I'd never, ever bet on (or against) the Horns, I'm always happy just to see this:

(Speaking of the ou game, those with non-AT&T mobile devices were keeping the rest of us updated. When Bradford got hurt, word spread pretty quickly throughout our section. I sincerely wish him a speedy recovery. He and Colt are friends—or at least friendly—and he seems to be a good kid. From the bottom of my heart, I hope he and the rest of the sooners are at full strength when the Horns crush 'em on Oct. 17 in the Cotton Bowl.)

Happiness is an orange Tower. Delirium is having survived another long off-season! HOOK 'EM!

This week's bonus feature: the new Godzillatron intro! "Give me a phat beat" is long gone (thank goodness!). The new beginning to the team's introduction is a start; I love the way it refers to our legacy. I won't miss the minotaurs! Those half-Longhorn/half-human things in the old video creeped me out!

*For some real game analysis, check out T's Take on the Longhorn Experience website.

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