Thursday, September 03, 2009

Home, suite home and a Project GOOD update.

For one week after the fire, this was our home.
It was wonderful! We were thrilled that it had a separate sleeping and living area.
The fact that it had two HD TVs was an added bonus.
Still, after a week of all of us living in one big room, we were really ready for some space.
ESPECIALLY when it came to the bathroom! Now this was a lovely restroom, but—well... We'll just leave it at that.

After a week of the suite life, we moved out to the home of some friends. It's a WONDERFUL opportunity for us to stretch out, take some deep breaths. We're so very thankful to them. We'll be there for a while, but not too long because—(drum roll...)

The seller's bank has accepted our offer on the house we want.

Since it was a short sale, we had to have "third party lender approval." We now have that approval! We have also had the house inspected, and since there were no major repairs needed, we are headed toward a closing date. After all the issues and obstacles we have faced in the past, I hesitate to even type those words, but I have faith that this is it. WE ARE GO FOR LIFT-OFF.

Please pray for us that all will go smoothly!

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