Monday, February 01, 2010

In case I haven't mentioned it lately,

I am SO PROUD of my husband! I just have to brag on him. Brett has been writing like crazy and has been published in several new (to him) publications and websites lately.
Antique Week is a widely circulated tabloid that has recently begun publishing his work. The latest issue, which arrived today, features his cover story on eight-tracks.

And just a few weeks ago, his story on action figures also graced the cover. (And check out that fine photography! Thankyouverymuch.)

Brett's a fantastic writer and really knows his stuff, so it's so nice to see his work ethic and tenacity paying off.

(Check out his blog for more examples of his published work.)


Jenna said...

That is so great! Way to go, Brett.

Brett said...

Thanks, Toots, for the great photos and your loving support.