Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holiday in the Park.

Dec. 29, 2011

Only Katie would study for the spelling bee
in line at Six Flags!
Titan: Still the one!

Love the new Giant (even if the lines were too
long to ride this time)

Little Katie would identify all buildings as
"my school." This was always "Katie's school"
when we visited back in the day.

So nice to have Brett with us!


Southern Palace Christmas show
(something about a toy shop)

"O Holy Night": pretty cool effect with the backup singers
behind the screen. (The lead vocalist was Arania in the
Halloween show. Guess that says something about her range!)

We love all the firepits at Christmas.

The lights are cool, too. (Click for more of the panoramic effect.)

We capped off our visit by getting our 2012 season passes.
It's nice to have that taken care of already (and we didn't
mind getting free parking, either).

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