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 Feb. 1, 2012

Mavs + Kevin Durant + my birthday = the perfect excuse to go to an NBA game!

Victory Plaza (and Channel 8 studios)
Katie's jumbo dog (dinner!)

It'd been years since we actually attended a Mavs game. Soon after this strike-shortened season finally got underway, we were watching Dallas play Oklahoma City at home, and I mentioned how much I'd love to see these two teams play. (I'm a huge fan of Texas Ex Kevin Durant, and all of us are big Mavericks fans, of course.)

I checked the schedule, and what do you know, the Thunder were playing the Mavs on Feb. 1, the day after my birthday. Instant birthday present! Perfect!

Of course, since the season was already underway, there weren't many tickets to be had for this match-up between these two Western Conference powerhouses. In fact, I could only find one section in the entire AAC that had four tickets together, and those seats?

On the very last row!

Our bird's-eye view
In spite of our distance from the court, we still had fun enjoying the game and all the hoopla during time-outs and halftime.

Ryan's band director on the Mavs drumline

Halftime high-fliers

Halftime high-fliers

Mavs Man

Mavs fans

Katie's sad because the Mavs lost. :(

Perfect sign for our reborn omnivore

Since I was enduring a relapse of bronchitis on my actual birthday, it was nice to have this midweek outing to celebrate turning the big 4-4. But more than that, this was our family's way to celebrate the 2011 World Champions, OUR Dallas Mavericks!

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