Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Happy Daisy Day!

I was driving home last Tuesday when it occurred to me that Daisy's birthday should be coming up. Then I realized that Daisy was born on Good Friday 2013, and even though Easter's still a week away, last year it was in March. Oopsie Daisy! 

(In my defense, Katie and I were in San Antonio and Brett was in Oklahoma on her birthday weekend, so we were a tad bit distracted. I'm still ashamed. Bad "dog mom"!)

Cue the quick detour to our neighborhood Albertson's to pick up a cake, a gift, and some party trimmings.

Ta-dah! Instant party!

It's hard to believe the itty-bitty puffball we adopted last May is already a year old! What a quick year it's been. We are so glad you're part of our family, Daisy, and we are thankful you were born!

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