Saturday, December 30, 2006

Alamo Bowl road trip, part 3.

The good news: Ryan and Katie got to see a close, exciting game that wasn't decided until the clock read 0:00. The bad news: The game was CLOSE, and games like this take decades off my life!

We were on row 17 of the upper deck (a few birds in the dome were actually flying BELOW us!), but we were right on the 40 yardline and had a great view of the field. We had a good number of Iowa fans around us since we were on the Big 10 side, but most were well-behaved except for the foursome who made a strong case against alcohol sales at bowl games. The women's restrooms had major plumbing problems (NO FLUSHING. OVERFLOWING TOILETS. EW.), but by the time the game was over, the dome finally had working facilities (WHEW!).

Here are some of the scenes:

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