Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hello, December!

Ryan and Katie are always anxious to see December's arrival because of two traditions: the bear calendar and the chocolate Adventskalender.

I've had the DecemBear calendar for years, and the kids love to move the bear around as he looks for Christmas. Ryan and Katie take turns reading each day's adventures, usually embellishing the journey the bear must take.

The Adventskalender is a newer tradition, but the kids have come to expect these chocolate treats. The German Club at school sells them every year, and every year I buy two as soon as they go on sale. Each day Ryan and Katie get to open another window and eat the chocolate inside. Both kids exhibit extraordinary discipline by eating just one piece of candy at a time! They really want their calendars to last until Christmas!


tamandscott said...

Oh my word, those calendars were my favorite growing up!! I even made one for my class at school with boxes that we uncovered each day with stuff like "ten minutes of puzzles," or "everyone take off your shoes." They loved it! I've often wondered where to get them.

Jenna said...

Mark's mom buys those calendars for the boys. They LOVE them. One year, Cade ate almost all of his candy at once. Now they are kept up high! I love the DecemBear calendar!! How fun! Glad you guys had fun at Ryan's performance (even though it was frigid).