Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday magic.

On Saturday, Ryan's choir performed at the NRH Night of Holiday Magic. They were the second group to perform, which was awesome since his fan club members were about to freeze their tutus off!Of course, the choir's performance was stellar! I especially enjoyed the fruitcake song.

Once the choir's performance was over, we braved the chilly weather to see the sights. Katie was especially excited to go through the crafts tent. The weather outside was frightful (cold, at least), but the tent was so delightful!

Katie got to do all kinds of crafts, thanks to all the volunteers from local schools. She even got to make Sandy Candy (think edible sand art):

While Katie and I worked our way through the crafts tent, Brett and Ryan went exploring. They had so much fun roasting marshmallows, we girls had to give it a try, too.

The cold kept us from waiting around for the tree lighting or the fireworks, but later that evening at home, we could hear a POP-POP-POP outside. Ryan and I headed to our decktop and could see the fireworks from there! It was a nice surprise and a perfect ending to a fun night.

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Angi said...

First, Katie reminds me of both you and Tina Fey (with the glasses), and Ryan in his Gap shirt reminded me of Alvin (the chipmunk)!

That Flickr thing looks interesting... have seen something similar on myspace but I have no patience for exploring these days!

Speaking of these newfangled things, what is this "labels" deal? I guess that's another option I haven't learned about.

Yikes, I'm awake on the computer too late again. See you tomorrow!