Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another McGregor Christmas.

Today was our annual trip to celebrate Christmas with Papa's family in McGregor.

It's always great to visit with Brett's kinfolk there! We loved the food and fellowship.

After lunch we headed outside to toss the football.

It was fun to run around in the unseasonably warm weather. The wind was atrocious, but that just made the football's path more unpredictable.

Nothing conveys the holiday spirit more than a knock-down-drag-out fighting game!

Before we left, Katie sang a couple of her choir songs for everybody.

It's crazy to think that my first McGregor Christmas was 15 years ago. This year we didn't get to stay as long as we would've liked because of other obligations here tonight, but we wouldn't miss the chance—even for just a few hours—to get reacquainted with our McGregor family.

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Jenna said...

I love the football pictures!