Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Santa, baby.

We feared the streak had come to an end. It was Dec. 22, and we had yet to visit Santa. The mall was out of the question, and I thought our Santa picture collection might just have to end at 12. Then we received an email that Santa, attorney at law, would be making one more appearance at his southern North Pole.
Voila! Santa picture #13!

Our friend Alex was spending the night with us, so she got to be part of this annual tradition, too.

We admired the lights at Santa's house and then drove around to see more decorations. We saw some amazing houses but were disappointed when one of favorites was dark and deflated. Bummer.

This house, with its sports theme, is one of our favorites, so we were glad to see that they're still—ahem—game.

I can't help but wonder how much longer I'll be able to talk the kids into posing with Santa. Ryan will be a teenager (yikes!) by next Christmas, after all. Still, I'll keep adding to our collection as long as they'll let me!

Click here to see the slide show of our Santa pictures in our archives. For some reason, Blogger didn't care for me posting it here!

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