Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dub family Christmas.

Every year we gather at Brett's parents' house to celebrate Christmas with his family. And every year, we're overwhelmed by the number of gifts under the tree!

Cara and Jeff

We ate Nana's delicious taco soup,

pecan pie,

and other decadent desserts.

Then we took the traditional "grandkids under the tree" shot:

It was awesome to have all seven cousins in the same place. It really hit me hard to notice how they really fill the living room! No more babies in this bunch.

After dinner we celebrated Margaret's birthday.

Then it was time to bring on the presents:



Chris, Erumi and Kelly

Erumi gets into the spirit of her Texas-shaped candy.


Bow Boy



Kelly and Mike with the meditating frog

The original Bow Man

Amanda and Emily

(My "assigned" seat means I don't get too many photos of Jeff, Cara, Scott, Margaret or Brett opening their gifts!)

We all got a kick out of Papa's present: Perry Poops!

It was a truly ridiculous book about a pooping rabbit.

Papa pretty much ignored the book and kept opening his gifts!

After presents, Cara and Jeff entertained us with their singing. Then Ryan grabbed my camera:

Merry Christmas!

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