Monday, December 08, 2008

Back for more magic.

It's hard to believe the Night of Holiday Magic has already come and gone! Katie and I have been big fans of this local extravaganza ever since Ryan's choir performed there two years ago, so we keep going back for more fun.

We had gone to Nana and Papa's house that Saturday afternoon, so we arrived about 2 1/2 hours after the event started. We had just parked when the city lit the tree and shot fireworks to celebrate. We watched the fireworks as we hiked from the parking lot to the event. There were lots of people there,

but we were still able to make our way to the craft tent. Katie wasted no time making some crafts, like Christmas cards and ornaments.

This event, which has been held in the huge lawn in front of the main fire station, was in the parking lot of the city's water park this year.

In spite of the new venue, some of our old favorites (like marshmallow roasting) were still there.

The weather was just chilly enough for us to enjoy the fire!

We also appreciated a nice, warm cup of cocoa!

It's nice to share in this Night of Holiday Magic with others from our community. But what makes this night extra magical is getting to spend it with my daughter who loves it so much!

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