Saturday, February 07, 2009

The date deferred.

My birthday last weekend was crazy-busy, so this Saturday, Brett and I scheduled an honest-to-goodness, just-the-two-of-us, old-fashioned dinner-and-a-movie DATE. Our destination: Slumdog Millionaire. But first, we browsed at B&N and then ate dinner at Blue Mesa, one of our favorite restaurants (if not favorite). We ate way too many sweet potato chips and feasted on churrascaritas and enchiladas.

Fat and happy, we needed to stretch our legs. After a nice walk around the town center (which included a swing through the Apple Store), we went on to the theater to kill a little time before the movie.

The little arcade there had a nice Elvis pinball machine, and we got a kick out of the animated hound dog and "Elvis has left the building" button that lit up.

The movie was phenomenal. I'm a sucker for a plot gimmick anyway, and this one just happened to be structured around the format of my third favorite game show. Add the way the film immerses the audience in another world and you have yourself an entertaining movie-going experience. A few months ago, our preacher reminded us how very rich we are, and Slumdog reinforced that. Seeing the utter poverty of those Indian slums was stunning. Watching that movie in the heart of an affluent American suburb was sobering.

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