Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy hearts day.

This wasn't our typical way to spend Valentine's Day, but we made the most of it! Katie accompanied me to the yearbook work session at school, and then she and I were off to her Player Appreciation Day. All the Junior NBA players in our league were introduced, the Mavs Drum Line performed, and then here came Mavs Man.

After the program, Katie got autographs from the marvy Mavs guests.
Then we admired the Mavs Van (with the "1MAVS" license plate).

Fun, fun! After a quick lunch break, we were back at the rec center for Katie and Ryan's games. Then we sped from basketball to volleyball.

A friend's daughter was playing in a volleyball tournament across town. Since these friends live in Amarillo, it was great to be able to drive 20 minutes to see them! Brett and Ryan were tired from their morning outing, but they went with us to say hello to our friends.

We saw some really talented volleyball players there!

It was good to see Cole and his mom and dad, too. They also live SO FAR AWAY—in Mansfield! It was funny to realize that I had seen my Amarillo friend more recently than I'd spent time with my friend who's here in the Metroplex.

Ryan and Katie had a blast playing with Cole.

It was good to get this off-season chance to see my bestest football buddies, but man, did it feel weird for none of us to be wearing burnt orange!

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Jenna said...

I thought that you always wore burnt orange ;)