Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Seeing Stars.

With our final yearbook deadline fast approaching, it was tempting to skip this newspaper field trip. But since our editor has a penchant for sports journalism, I couldn't pass up the chance to attend Dallas Stars High School Media Day. I was able to take two students to Frisco to watch the Stars practice and to attend a mock press conference with some media professionals.

We heard from Ralph Strangis, Gina Miller, John Rhadigan, Mike Heika and Barry Horn. Each took a turn describing his/her career path and giving the students advice for a life in sports reporting. Then three Stars players joined us: Stephane Robidas, Steve Ott and Trevor Daley. Actually, sitting in the back of the room was a "special guest journalist," some kid named Marty. (When Strangis convinced Marty to ask a question, it took a minute for some of the students to recognize Turco!) The students were able to ask questions, take notes and (I hope) learn a lot.

Since I'm more of a journalism geek than a hockey fan, I just loved hearing from the reporters. They all had good advice for the students, but I really liked what Barry Horn told them: Never let anybody tell you something's not a story. If you have a hunch about something, follow it up! Horn is the guy who noticed the 100-0 box score for a girls basketball game. His story (and the many follow-ups) about the Dallas Academy loss to Covenant School has brought a record number of readers to the Dallas News website.

Even though I had to stay late after school to try to make up yearbook ground, it was an outing definitely worth the drive and the time.

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