Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday night fans.

With Ryan on his way to Houston with the church youth group, we were one Dub short for this week's Friday fun night. That didn't stop us from heading to my school's area playoff game!

It was an exciting game even though our team was losing most of the way. Our star player is really phenomenal, and we enjoyed getting to see him play before he heads to a Division 1 college next year.

In spite of the other team's substantial height advantage, our guys made a run in the third that really gave us hope. At one point, we were within 7 points, thanks partly to some nifty free throw shooting.

What's funny is that because of our star player, Brett's brother and father have really followed our team this season. In fact, they went to more of my school's games than I did! And yes, they were with us Friday to see this great season come to an end.


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