Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vacation day 11: Pikes Peak.

After a quick lunch at Subway, we drove through Manitou Springs to board the Pikes Peak Cog Railway.

This being our last day of vacation before driving home, we were just a leetle bit tired.

Tired and maybe just a little goofy!

Along the way our guide pointed out the view that inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write "America the Beautiful."
Check out that granite! It was so strange to cross the timberline and then see nothing but rock outside our window.

And then snow!
Yeah, buddy. Snow! We'd seen plenty from a distance, but this? This was CLOSE.

As we neared the summit, Brett and I were pretty cold. The kids, of course, still didn't put their jackets on. What's the deal? Are they too cool to get cold?

Of course, we shouldn't say much. We were so into the novelty of the cold summer air that we didn't want to put our window up just yet!

One of our few disappointments from this vacation? Low visibility! Once on the summit, we couldn't see much of the surrounding terrain. We've heard it's a jaw-dropping view. Guess this means we'll just have to come back some other time.
We DID get to see snow, though!
In fact, while Brett and the kids were getting those crazy-good donuts in the summit house, it started snowing outside. I ran inside, telling them, "We have GOT to throw some snowballs!"

And we did!

After about half an hour, they made us leave the snow behind and go back down the mountain.

We loved our trip on the cog railway. We wish the day had been a little sunnier, but we were thankful for the chance to play in snow flurries—in June!

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