Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vacation day 12: HOME!

OK, so maybe it wasn't the prettiest part of our great state. But after 12 days on the road, it was AWESOME to see this after a long day of driving:
When we left our driveway on June 10, we had 38,343 miles on the Trailblazer's odometer.

When we arrived home on June 21, the odometer read 41,170. That's 2,827 miles!

We knew Nana and Papa had taken good care of Frisco and ChaCha, but it was SO good to see them when we got home! Frisco had her usual spazz attack when she saw us, but ChaCha? She just made it clear that if we're planning on going anywhere else anytime soon,


It was a wonderful road trip filled with breathtaking moments, and we thank God for the opportunity and for our safe journey!

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