Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I beg to differ.

"Bozo could be elected in Texas if he had an 'R' after his name."

I read that on Twitter today, and I have to think it's true. I did not vote to re-elect Gov. Rick Perry, but a majority of Texans did. (And no, I'm not calling our governor a Bozo. I'm just pointing out the overwhelming red-ness of this state.)

Because of polls, it's no surprise that Perry won. Still, I couldn't help but be encouraged to see that even the Dallas Morning News endorsed Bill White, the former mayor of Houston. In fact, this may be the first time in recent memory that I've voted for someone the Dallas News endorsed!

Why did I vote for Bill White and not the incumbent? I'll let these endorsements explain:

Austin American-Statesman
Dallas Morning News
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Houston Chronicle
or any of the other endorsements from Texas newspapers

So once again election night has left me rethinking my residency. I let myself imagine how nice it would be to move to a blue state where I would not be so very alone in my political convictions, somewhere where people don't assume the Right is always right, that Republicans have the monopoly on morality.

Even though I feel outnumbered and disappointed, I'm so very thankful to live in this great nation that allows dissent. But much, much more than that, I am grateful to be part of God's kingdom. God is not a Republican or a Democrat; He is not even an American! Our Father reigns without regard to red or blue, and He is in control.

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Jenna said...

This division is one of the main reasons why I despise politics. This division in our great country greatly discourages me. Personally, I am thankful to have friends of all political affiliations. I am certain that I share more commonalities than differences with these friends. I think we all share the same basic goals, we just have different beliefs about how best to get there. That is all I am going to say because I hate politics.