Saturday, November 20, 2010

Insider's tip.

Since Chuy's of Austin now has two locations in our county, I figure this would be a good time to offer two recommendations for those trying my favorite Tex-Mex joint for the first time.

While the menu options (like the "Big As Yo Face" Burrito that Katie ordered today) are appetizing, my faves aren't even on the menu.

First, when your waitperson brings you chips and salsa, always ask for the creamy jalapeño sauce, too. It's free and it's YUM-O! I had already graduated from UT when I first learned about the creamy jalapeño. What's funny is to watch your waitperson's reaction. Often we'll get a sideways glance or nod that lets us know we're part of some secret society, a group with impeccable taste.

And then there's my favorite entree. When people ask me what my favorite food is, I won't say chocolate or strawberries or mac and cheese. No, I'll invariably answer, "Bean and cheese stuffed sopapilla with tomatillo sauce."

It's pretty much the perfect food. Then Chuy's took it off the menu, so perhaps others disagree. Or maybe they took it away just to avoid hurting the other menu items' feelings?

So far, none of the Chuy's I've frequented have even flinched when I order the stuffed sopa.

And man, oh MAN, is it good!

So there you have it: my best Chuy's tips.

Bonus advice: Never bet against the Horns because they NEVER LOSE--except to the Bruins, Sooners, Cyclones, Bears, Wildcats, Cowboys and quite possibly the Aggies.

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