Monday, November 15, 2010

My football family.

They say friends are the family you choose for yourself, and I believe it. This weekend I got to reunite with some friends from the football branch of my family tree.

Over the years we have shared many moments before, during and after Longhorn games, and even though we live on the West Coast, East Coast and points in between, we keep in touch through email and meet for the occasional home game or postseason bowl. We have made new friends with the people who sit in our section, but there's nothing like reuniting with these special friends who go back to our original days of season-ticket-holding.

We met up at the tailgate before the Longhorn debacle game, but for more leisurely conversation, we had breakfast Sunday morning at Trudy's, one of our Austin mainstays.

It was great to catch up and find out what everyone's been up to lately.

It was extra nice that Katie was there to visit with D&K. When we went to California back in 2006, we spent our LA days as guests in their home. After the trip when we asked the kids what their favorite part had been, they said K&D's house. K&D's house is better than Disneyland!

That's why we were really sad that Ryan and Brett couldn't join us for breakfast. The Longhorns' loss wasn't nearly as painful as waking up Sunday morning to find out Ryan was sick. As nice as it was to visit with these longtime friends, it was sad to be there without Brett and Ryan.

Still, it was fantastic to spend time with these precious people, and I can't wait for our next "family reunion."

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