Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Survivor Wednesdays.

My boy LOVES Survivor. I'm talking true love here. He collects anything Survivor he can find, and he's Facebook friends with quite a few contestants and fellow Survivormaniacs.

Last year he got me to watch "Heroes vs. Villains" with him, and then over the summer, we watched the first All-Stars season on DVD. When this new season began, I promised him I would watch these episodes with him. Since the show airs on Wednesday night, we DVR it so we can watch after Wednesday night church. He's been sick all week and felt pretty rotten at school today, but he still waited up for me to get home from church so we could see the latest show tonight.

Although I don't love everything about Survivor, I have to admit it's a ton of fun to watch with Ryan! I really like the challenges, and he gets into the strategy and alliances. We were both disappointed when Jimmy Johnson was voted out so early in the season, but the Robinson Crusoe-meets-soap opera hasn't missed a beat.

I keep hoping we can watch a season of The Amazing Race together since that's really my favorite of this genre, but Sunday nights are even harder to schedule than Wednesdays. But until then, we'll make the most of this Survivor season, and I'll consider myself lucky that my boy and I can share this prime time together.

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