Sunday, November 21, 2010

Westbound and down.

Now that I've made the Austin trip four times in five weeks, I've noticed something about I-35. As soon as it splits into 35E and 35W, I find myself surrounded by pickup trucks as we start heading northwest. It feels as if the pickups just appear out of nowhere even though I know they must've been there all along, disguised among the sedans and sports cars heading for our more cosmopolitan sister city to the east. I know it's perfectly logical that there would be more pickups heading to Fort Worth, but it still amazes me to see just how many of those trucks are heading my way. Texas, Texas, yee-haw.

It's also worth noting that if you see a vehicle with metal--ahem--testicles hanging from the trailer hitch, you know you're on 35W. I've seen that lovely choice of automotive ornamentation more than once.

Speaking of misplaced parts, what happened to the Itasca Wampus Cat statue? I've missed seeing that landmark's silhouette lately. I still miss the old Turkey Shop sign, too, but at least it's still visible, preening behind the renamed restaurant.

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