Monday, March 11, 2013


I believe that God promises eternal life for those who follow Him. I believe, no, I KNOW that God keeps his promises. Therefore, it follows that I know that our college friend, Alicia, has received her eternal reward. She is in His presence, a place where there is no sorrow, no pain.

But at a time like this, when someone our age has died in a car accident, it's hard to see past the loss. I want to take comfort in her joy, in knowing that she has "finished the race," but all I can see is pain. Pain for her husband, her two young sons, the rest of her family, her friends... For them, the race has taken a turn down a long, treacherous road.

Alicia came around our campus ministry group just as I was closing out my college days. We shared some good friends but were never close. Whenever I was around her, though, I couldn't help but notice her true spirit. That's the word that's kept coming to mind since I got the news: TRUE. She was one of those few genuine people who just are who they're supposed to be. No pretense, no games. Just Alicia.

Another word: OPEN. She was open to adventure and open to others. She was always up for anything, never afraid to get her hands dirty. That photo up there? That's Alicia checking out a lizard on one of our CM retreats. Me? Perfectly content to take photos from a distance. But Alicia? She wanted to feel that rough skin for herself.

She was also very accessible to others. The never-met-a-stranger type, she was a friend to everyone. I remember how she and her husband took an interest in several of the homeless people who attended our church from time to time. She radiated Christ's love in her daily life.

And now her life on earth has ended. For those closest to her, the earth shifted on its axis yesterday, and the struggle to regain footing has just begun. So tonight, I'm praying for those who are in agony, missing this wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.

I'm also remembering happier times:

Outside the FW Museum of Science and History
during our trip to DFW (Spring 1990)

DFW trip (Spring 1990)

Winter campus ministry retreat (Jan./Feb. 1991)

Retreat hijinks (Jan./Feb. 1991)
 In scrolling through Alicia's Facebook profile, I found this status update from 2011:

In my quest for inspirational quotes for students today, I found this...and was inspired myself: "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" (Mary Oliver) Not right for the bulletin board I am planning, but gotta use it for something!

Well, Alicia, you did so much with your one life. I thank God that you were with us for a time, and I'm grateful that God is with us all—all the time!

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