Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back-blogging: Stock Show 2013.

Such big plans I had when spring break began! Surely I can finish my vacation album, I thought. What's to keep me from filling in some gaps on the blog, I wondered. Now that spring break is ending, I admit my defeat AND my utter failure at this month's NaBloPoMo. (I blame the cold for that.) Still, I'm determined to get at least one, uno, ONE past event blogged!

Feb. 2, 2013

In a spur-of-the-moment decision, Katie and I decided to head to Fort Worth for the TCU-Texas women's basketball game that Saturday morning. After the game, as we were basking in the thrill of victory, Brett texted that some of our family would be going to the Fort Worth Stock Show. Would we want to meet them there?

Katie and I considered our options for oh, maybe 10 seconds. Even though I've lived in DFW for more than 20 years, I had never been to the stock show. That might've been enough enticement, but throw in my nephew (home from Japan) plus my niece and her family AND my sister- and brother-in-law? Oh, yeah. Not missing that!

While we waited for the others to arrive, Katie kept me entertained:

Drill bit, meet Katie.


 Katie was itching to ride something, and most of the rides did not tempt me (mostly because of the camera on my shoulder). The ferris wheel, though? I had to say yes to that one.

"Do not rock seat"? You had me at "DANGER."
 I'm typically not afraid of heights, but I was not too comfortable when the less-than-attentive carny ride operator stopped to load new riders.

The height didn't bother Katie at all.

She did put on a good show, though.

Nice view of downtown

Vertigo-inducing view of our feet and the ground

View from terra firma
After the ferris wheel, we found the swings. Katie loved a similar ride at Fiesta Texas, so she plunked down her coupons for this one:

Not long after that, we found our family at the front gate.

Sweet sisters

Chatting with Chris

Katie races her little cousin


On the sidelines

At one point, our two girls had no fewer than six cameras
focused on them. Hello, paparazzi!

Time to slide

We all shared the renowned carnival staple, the funnel cake:

Red velvet funnel cake: YUM
Ready for fun?

Here we go!

Have mirror? Must take self-portrait

Baby D's first ride

Pony carriage judging

Leaving one of the barns

Tired girls

Yes, we did see some stock! Even though most of our time
(and money) was spent on the midway, we did see a few
cows and horses. Next year we hope to see more "aminals."

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