Saturday, March 09, 2013

Two funerals and a party.

Two families said goodbye to loved ones today. Stories were told, songs were sung, tears were shed. The circumstances were vastly different, but in both cases, the families' heartbreak was palpable.

Just a few hours after the second memorial service, we were at a friend's 50th birthday party. Stories were told, songs were sung, laughter was shared. At this gathering, it was the joy that was tangible—all these people gathered to celebrate another year of our friend's life.

Call me crazy, but the somber services made the birthday party all the more vibrant. How wonderful it is to relish our friendships, appreciate the lives we share. And what a blessing it is to hear one friend show his appreciation for another. NOW, face-to-face. There's no law that says those sentiments must wait for the eulogy.

Excuse me if I don't polish this, make it less corny somehow, but I'm a bit tired. Two funerals and a party will do that to ya.

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