Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Breaking news.

In the two decades that I've been a loyal Chuy's patron, I have consistently ordered the bean and cheese stuffed sopapilla with tomatillo sauce (and make sure it's regular, not deluxe tomatillo). Even when Chuy's defied all logic and removed The Best Tex-Mex Meal in the History of Tex-Mex Meals from its menu, that did not stop me. I'm one of those "Can you still make me a stuffed sopapilla?" high-maintenance customers. Shocking as it may seem, after 20+ years of getting the same thing, I tried something new at Chuy's today. Behold, the stuffed avocado:

Chicken and cheese inside an avocado, rolled in panko, lightly fried and served over the blanco queso and green chile sauces, it was tasty. And really, now that we have Chuy's locations nearby and our visits aren't limited to once or twice a year, I can branch out, right? If I don't get my BACSSWTS this time, there's always next time, right? RIGHT?!

Right. And next time I'm going back to my beloved stuffed sopa.

(Thanks for lunch, Dede! It was great to catch up!)

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