Sunday, March 03, 2013

Icing on the cake.

It only took 6 bucks, and it was for the band. Funny how a spur-of-the-moment donation turned into a lot of laughs and a ton of sugar!

As part of the band's big Spring Swing fundraiser, the organizers set up a cake contest. It featured a cake for each grade level. People could vote for their favorite cake by putting a dollar in the ballot box, and by putting your name on the dollar envelope, you were entered into a drawing for the cake you voted for.

Neither kid had said anything about voting for their class's cake, but after I got $6 in one dollar bills in change from another donation, I divvied up those ones: $3 for the freshman cake and $3 for the juniors'.

Near the end of the evening, the cake drawing was held. The freshman cake went to... KATIE! Then they drew the sophomore cake winner's name, followed by the junior's. And the 11th grade cake went to... RYAN!

We laughed and laughed at our good fortune. And then we collected our cakes.

Since we knew we didn't need to take two home, Ryan gave the junior one away. That added another level of hilarity since we got to watch a bunch of kids grab forks and dig in to that cake. (The band director even got a bite.)

It was fun and for a good cause, but it was just the beginning of this winning weekend.

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