Sunday, July 30, 2006

What a decade!

We interrupt reliving our vacation to bring you this important message:


I can't believe my baby boy is 10 years old! How did that happen? It seems like just a few weeks (OK, maybe months) ago he looked like this:

We loved him so much the day he was born. How could we have known how much more we'd love him now? He's our hero, too. He goes through so much because of his hemophilia, but he never stops fighting, never stops trying, never gives up. He's tougher than people realize because he also has the sweetest heart. I still get a little teary when I think of R in the exam room a few years ago, in horrendous pain from a bleed, asking ME if I was OK.

R, you are a child of God and one of the two biggest blessings He's given us. No matter where you go or what you do, Mommy will always love you!

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Anonymous said...

From Ryan: Don`t I look so handsome?